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Prosthetic Design, Inc. is a small, cutting-edge company located in the Dayton, Ohio metro area that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech components used in lower-limb prosthetics.  We are driven by our desire to engineer solutions that deliver significant real-world improvements to the quality of life of our customers.  And we enjoy a corporate culture that values learning, education, and the opportunity to develop the next generation of skilled professional talent.

Our commitments to innovation, technology, and customer service have yielded real-world solutions for the prosthetic industry. Using advanced materials and techniques, such as carbon fiber and 3D printing, we provide unique time-saving advancements that are utilized by a global network of prosthetics professionals to positively affect patient outcomes.

Our product innovations include modular carbon fiber components that serve as universal solutions, with which prosthetic professionals can quickly build custom-tuned limbs with minimal fabrication, and high-quality patient-specific socket reproduction achieved through digital scanning and proprietary 3D printing techniques. Perhaps your skill sets will be a vital contribution to the next big innovation in prosthetics.

In combination with our sister company, Dayton Artificial Limb Clinic, we are always looking for talented individuals to fill an array of student co-op positions, including:

- Accounting
- Technical Sales/Marketing
- Biomedical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering Technology

For more information or to send a resume, please contact us.


What do some of our co-ops have to say?

“After being a co-op for a combined 12 months at PDI and sister company, DAL, I've discovered that there are no limits to the knowledge, resources, experience, and opportunities that are available here. “  - Tyler

“My time at PDI has given me a wide range of experiences that you really can't find anywhere else. Not only have I cultivated design and business skills, but I have also gained so much knowledge about production and tools that I can take with me anywhere I'd like to go in the future. PDI gives you the freedom to manage your own projects and learn about every step of the process.” - Julia

“PDI takes pride in their ability to assimilate co-ops and for good reason. On my second day, I had several projects assigned to me and I hit the ground running. I’m amazed at how much quality experience I got and I would recommend this position to any engineering student. “  - Dalton


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