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Known throughout the industry for developing original, innovative, and elegant solutions, Prosthetic Design, Inc. is a cutting-edge company located in the Dayton, Ohio metro area that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech components used in lower-limb prosthetics.

Working extremely closely with our sister company, Dayton Artificial Limb, our team brings a unique clinical perspective to the development of lower limb prosthetic components and equipment. Through the hands-on daily care of our DAL patients, our integrated team is able to identify and understand patient-level needs, devise practical concepts, and develop & test these ideas in order to create patient-proven product applications.

We are driven by our desire to engineer solutions that deliver significant improvements to the quality of life of our customers. And our commitments to innovation, technology, and customer service have yielded real-world innovations within the prosthetic industry. Using advanced materials and techniques, such as carbon fiber and 3D printing, we provide unique time-saving advancements that are deployed by a global network of prosthetics professionals to positively affect patient outcomes.

Since 1991, we have consistently delivered standard-setting product innovations including modular carbon fiber Flex-Con components (that serve as universal building blocks with which prosthetic professionals can quickly build custom-tuned limbs with minimal fabrication), elevated vacuum locking technology, and high-quality patient-specific socket reproduction achieved through our digital scanning and proprietary 3D printing techniques.

We encourage you to please learn more about our extensive catalog of lower limb prosthetic solutions and to contact our knowledgeable customer service team for personalized assistance!

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