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Welcome to the what's new area. Come back often to this section of our website as we will continue to update it with our latest informative articles, downloads, and videos.

SID-KIT - Socket Identifier
Prosthetic Design’s new Socket IDentifier (SID) is an easy-to-use labeler in accordance with the FDA’s new laws to track medical devices. The kit comes prepared for use in both thermoplastic and lamination fabrication with the quick exchange of a wheel. Quickly type out the unique identifier for a socket and stamp it on thermoplastic sockets or use the adhesive to stick it on laminated sockets. The SID-KIT provides discreet, but permanent identification for both patient and practitioner satisfaction.

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Cosm-Easy™ - Cosmetic Cover
Prosthetic Design’s Cosmetic Cover is designed to provide a natural appearance over the prosthetic knee. The cosmetic cover helps to protect the prosthetic knee from scratches. The unique internal shape provides ease of donning / doffing and also creates a close fit to the prosthetic knee. The cosmetic cover is made of durable urethane foam and can be cut down or ground to fit various limb sizes.

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FLEXCON™ - Flexion Contracture Plate
Made of lightweight carbon fiber, the FLEXCON provides angular compensation for hip flexion contractures and the proper offset to achieve TKA alignment while absorbing shock, conserving energy and normalizing gait. The FLEXCON is labor-saving, 3/8” thick, hosts the standard European 4-hole pattern, and connects to most popular knee-shin systems. US Patent Pending.

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EV-MAN-VLV - Manifold with Air Fitting and Valve
The EV-MAN-VLV provides a combination manifold and valve/release for transferring air bi-directionally through the EVLS and vacuum socket system.

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Prosthetic Design is proud to present our new SealMateTM  Liners

Prosthetic Design, Inc. is proud to introduce our new SealMate™ Liner. Its distal end mates perfectly to our entire line of Xtreme and Elevated Vacuum Locks. Our SealMate™ Liner produces an air-tight seal, which eliminates voids and provides superior patient comfort. Try one on your patient today!

Features of the SealMate™ Liner

  • Easy to don and doff
  • Mates perfectly with PDI modular connectors
  • Designed specifically for use with passive and/or elevated vacuum
  • Increase fitting options with a single liner design

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Elevated Vacuum Locking System (EVLS™) Training Classes
Prosthetic Design is pleased to announce a new series of FREE continuing education training classes to be held at the PDI
facility. Click Here for more information, class dates, and to register online.

OP-FULLCF-LP - 1.41” Carbon Fiber Offset Plate
1.41" offset from socket
3/8” (9.5mm) thick carbon fiber
Product weight 2.53oz. (72g)
Weight rating 265lbs. normal gait activity
Utilized with standard European 4-hole pattern

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OP1/2-4C4TCF - ½” Carbon Fiber Offset Plate
The offset plate displaces a bottom-loaded connection component ¾ inch (19 mm) for OP3/4-4C4TCF or ½ inch (12 mm) for the OP1/2-4C4TCF. The offset plate comes with bolts to connect it to a pyramid or receiver and is manufactured in carbon fiber.

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