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Here you can browse through an entire list of frequently asked questions that we have compiled over our many years of experience.
My lock keeps making a clicking noise, how do I stop it?
Put pin washer on top of plunger pin

My lock is coroding, why?
The lock is water-resistant not water proof, if using lock in salt water, rinse in fresh water and dry with blow dryer.

My reinforcment busing on my lock is worn out, how can I replace it?
Due to the machining of the lock, the reinforcement cannot be replaced by itself, you will need to replace the entire lock or lower housing.

How do I change a lock to top loaded?

You can remove, replace, or service Prosthetic Design's locks without damanging the cosmetic cover.

To convert:
Step 1: Remove the (4) X-PS screws on the underside of the lock, and carefully separate the upper and lower housings.
Step 2: Remove (4) M6NUTs
Step 3: Install (4) M6X20TL bolts (included with lock)
Step 4: Reassemble lock and reinstall the (4) X-PS screws.

My plunger pin is wearing out rather quickly, how do I stop this?
This is from improper plunger pin alignment; the way to resolve this is to use a longer plunger pin along with a PYR, STEALTH360 or PYR-TL, or the RZ1 (this may require a new socket).

My push button keeps binding up, what should I do?
Loosen the (4) M6 bolts first, if this works then the socket attachment surface is not flat; if loosening the bolts does not work, disassemble the lock, clean and reassemble lock.

My push button keeps getting hit and my leg is disconnecting, how do I stop this?
Use our shorter push button that won't protrude as much OR use our pull release lock.

How do I stop my Pyramid from rotating?
Tighten the four setscrews of your pylon or pyramid receiver.

How do I stop my Pyramid from sliding?
Tighten the four setscrews on the interfacing component.

Can I modify the CosmEasy?
Yes! The CosmEasy is made out of a urethane foam that can easily be cut to size or ground down to accomodate your desired shape. Also, stockings can be glued to the CosmEasy.

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