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Highest quality thermoplastic product on the market. Industry leader in consistency (40% more consistent that any other perform or cuff on the market!) New design produces stronger, more rigid sockets. Diamond Optic (clear) Transforms offer the highest translucency and durability in diagnostic socket applications.
Price Per Box of 10


SKU Description
LB 25cm. Large Black Transform
LBR 25cm. Large Brown Transform
LC 25cm. Large Caucasian Transform
LD 25cm. Large Diamond Optic Transform
LW 25cm. Large White Transform
MB 18cm. Medium Black Transform
MBR 18cm. Medium Brown Transform
MC 18cm. Medium Caucasian Transform
MD 18cm. Medium Diamond Optic Transform
MW 18cm. Medium White Transform
SB 16cm. Small Black Transform
SBR 16cm. Small Brown Transform
SC 16cm. Small Caucasian Transform
SW 16cm. Small White Transform

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