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Socket Identifier
Prosthetic Design’s new Socket IDentifier (SID) is an easy-to-use labeler in accordance with the FDA’s new laws to track medical devices. The kit comes prepared for use in both thermoplastic and lamination fabrication with the quick exchange of a wheel. Quickly type out the unique identifier for a socket and stamp it on thermoplastic sockets or use the adhesive to stick it on laminated sockets. The SID-KIT provides discreet, but permanent identification for both patient and practitioner satisfaction.
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4-Hole Drill Guide
4-Hole Drill Guide
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Angle Die Grinder Kit
These durable 22,000 RPM grinders are used as cutting tools for the thermoplastic and laminated socket trimlines instead of cast saws. Ships assembled with (1) ADG-CB cutting bit, whiphose, and fitting. Order ADG-CBC carbide cutting bit for cutting laminated sockets.
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Conventional Fabrication Plate
This reusable unit is designed for creating a void in the socket for locks in thermoplastic applications. 65mm diameter plate has a 2 degree taper for easy removal. (4) cone point set screws allow the user to mark the 4-hole pattern during thermoforming. A thumbscrew allows for easy tool removal after thermoforming.

Delrin Lamination Kit
The reusable DLP creates a void in your laminated socket for PDI’s XTreme and Pro Locks while establishing a standard 4-hole pattern, a through-hole for plunger pin insertion, and a parallel distal wall thickness. The DLP is a new push button hole fixture designed to create a relief for the lock push button. This relief can make motorcycling, bicycling, and horseback riding much safer. Use of the DLP-KIT will prevent lock binding and increase the life of your lock.

Foam Extraction Kit
Use PDI’s patented FELP-KIT to extract a foam model from within a laminated socket. No more grinding foam! The reusable FELP-KIT works with the DLP-KIT and the FET-KIT. US Pat No. 5,980,803.

Foam Extraction Air Ratchet Kit
Foam Extraction Air Ratchet Kit

Foam Extraction Tool Kit
This tooling allows for the removal of foam from within thermoplastic sockets cleanly and quickly. No more distorting hot plastic with compressed air, or dealing with possible skin irritation from grinding foam. US Pat. No. 5,980,803.
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Prosthetic Holding Device
This design is ideal for holding and preventing rotation of the Transform during foam extraction.
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Prosthetic Vice
This ergonomically correct prosthetic working vise has jaws that will accommodate limb diameters from 100mm to 250mm (4 to 10 in.) while preventing the device from slipping. The PV’s high friction material lined jaws are designed to make contact with twice as much as vice’s with flat jaws. The PV is height adjustable from 100cm to 150cm (40-60 in).

Side Hole Fixture Kit
Side Hole Fixture Kit
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Silicone Release Agent
Release agent for thermoplastics on foam models. Each container is 64FL oz (2L).

Suction Socket Fabrication Kit
The SSFT was designed to ensure consistent and efficient socket preparation for PDI locks. This kit is essential for creating a 4-hole pattern and perfectly parallel distal socket surfaces. Making the distal surfaces parallel will prevent lockbinding conditions. The SSFT also creates the medial hole to accommodate the lock push button. You can be sure that the medial hole is the correct height and centered with respect to anterior/posterior. Base stand not included.
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Top Loaded Removal Tool
Allows users to remove a top loading lock from the socket after bolt removal. Ball-latch shaft is pushed into the push button hole, and the lock is simply lifted out.

Top Loaded Wrench
Allows users to remove PDI’s top loaded lock from inside the socket. 17 1/2” shaft terminated into a 4mm allen wrench. Rubber coated handle.

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