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Prosthetic Design, Inc. is proud to introduce our new SealMate™ Liner. Its distal end mates perfectly to our entire line of Xtreme and Elevated Vacuum Locks. Our SealMate™ Liner produces an air-tight seal, which eliminates voids and provides superior patient comfort. Try one on your patient today!

Features of the SealMate™ Liner

  • Easy to don and doff
  • Mates perfectly with PDI modular connectors
  • Designed specifically for use with passive and/or elevated vacuum
  • Increase fitting options with a single liner design

SealMate™ Liner

The SealMate™ Liner distal end mates perfectly to our entire line of Xtreme and Elevated Vacuum Locks. Our SealMate Liner is the industry's first which interfaces perfectly with the modular connectors. All sizes listed are also available with a matrix. Parts SM-25 and SM-25-M are for use with part numbers EVLS-SM and X-TI-SM only.

SIZE CHART (Patient circumference at 2" from distal)
SKU Size  
SM-25 10-11 in. 25-28 cm.
SM-28 11-12 in. 28-30 cm.
SM-30 12-13 in. 30-33 cm.
SM-33 13-14 in. 33-36 cm.
SM-37 14.5-15.5 in 37-39 cm.
SM-39 15.5-16.5 in. 39-42 cm.
SM-42 16.5-17.5 in. 42-44 cm.
SM-44 17.5-18.5 in. 44-47 cm.
SM-47 18.5-20 in. 47-51 cm.
SM-51-M (only matrix available) 20-21 in. 51-53 cm.


Casting Instructions Custom Liner Order Form  

AURA Locking Seal

The Aura locking Seal is an Innovative, cost effective solution to meet
most of your suspension needs. An excellent choice when using
expulsion or vacuum, the lightweight design locks firmly against the
liner wall of an intimate, secure fit.

HSSN-2.5-10-4 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 8"-9.5" SEAL
HSSN-3-12-5 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 9.75"-11.25"
HSSN-3.5-12.5 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 11.25"-12.75
HSSN-4-12-5.5 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 12.75"-14.5"
HSSN-4.5-14-6 AURA W/HOLE-CIRC14.5"-16" SEAL
HSSN-5-14-6 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 16"-19" SEAL
HSSN-6-16-6 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 19"-22.25" S
HSSN-7-16-6 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 22.25"-25.25
HSSN-8-16-6 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 25.25"-28.75
HSSN-9-16-7 AURA W/ HOLE-CIRC 28.75"-31"

Product Sheet Casting Instructions Instructions For Use

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