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Come to this page often to find updated case reports and informational documentation from the prosthetic industry.

Tracking Functional Development: A Case Report

  In the United States, approximately 133,000 amputation-related hospital discharges occur each year, with 31% occurring at the transfemoral level.1 Assessing and improving mobility are among the primary concerns for new amputees... read more

Tracking Long-Term Functional Development with a Prosthesis: A Case Report

   The goals of prosthetic rehabilitation are to improve the new amputee’s functional capability and to successfully reintegrate the patient into their community. Function can affect more than just mobility; in a study of 25 transtibial and transfemoral amputees, Deans et al. found that there was a significant relationship between amputees’ functional ability and their physical, psychological and social well-being... read more

Using Elevated Vacuum to Improve Functional Outcomes: A Case Report

   Elevated vacuum (EV) is a promising technology in the field of prosthetics. It has been scientifically shown to increase the quality of contact between the residual limb and prosthetic socket, resulting in benefits to fit, suspension, and function of a prosthesis. However, very little research has been done on its effect on patient function. This unique case report was written to document the effect on one patient’s function of transitioning from a patella tendon-bearing (PTB) socket with ischial weight-bearing thigh cuff (IWBTC) to prosthesis with an EV socket system... read more
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