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 Since 1991 the name Prosthetic Design Inc. has stood for CAD/CAM integration through modular parts and production materials. With a work smarter, time efficacy spirit, and a creative, well developed entrepreneurial skill set, Tracy Slemker founded Prosthetic Design Inc.

With CAD/CAM firmly entrenched in main stream industry the orthotic and prosthetic industry was slowly moving into the first of many software and hardware elements made specifically for the prosthetic industry. At the same time funding and reimbursements were and are consistently declining for custom made artificial limbs. What once was an artesian craft is consistently moving into an engineering science. Tracy Slemker saw the need for components that enhanced the use of CAD/CAM allowing increased modularity and adjustability maintaining a predictable low profile attachment and suspension. Today PDI is located in Clayton Ohio and continues to develop and refine the process of prosthetic manufacture, assembly, and adjustability for the clinician, technician, and patient.

Here is a short list of our milestones.

1991 Developed the first modular 4-hole low profile locking device that also serves as a socket attachment component.
1992 Shapemaker software develops first software tool to create a component void for the PDI lock.
1994 Developed first urethane carving blanks for prosthetic industry.
1995 Tracy Slemker CPO received AAOP Award for Outstanding Creativity in Orthotics and Prosthetics.
1996 Developed the first rotating and sliding pyramid technology in the prosthetic industry.
1997 Developed the industry first socket extraction tooling and fixtures for rapid shape production.
1998 PDI becomes worldwide dealer for Benz carver equipment.
1998 PDI retains the rights to the original Rapid Shape plastic formulation developed by a grant
from the British Government.
1999 PDI and Tracer CAD Corporation release first carver/software combination to carve 3D AFO shapes.
2000 PDI launches industry first Pro-Lab mobile training vehicle built specifically for Cad-Cam production training.
2001 PDI launches Flex-Con line of products along with modular low profile offset plates.
2002 PDI Trigger Knee Chassis released to industry.
2003 Adjustable plunger pin released.
2005 Industry first BK by measurement technology released.
2008 PDI converts modular component lines to carbon fiber including Flex-Con and offset plates.
2009 Release of elevated vacuum modular connecting components.
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