Pyramid Components

Pyramid Components

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PYR-SL-TISliding PyramidThe PYR-SL-TI features a 12.7 mm slide off center, with closed ends on the b..

PR-SL-R-TI Pyramid: Sliding & Rotating (Titanium)

PR-SL-R-TIPyramid: Sliding & Rotating (Titanium) The PR-SL-R-TI offers sliding (12 mm fro..

PYR Male Pyramid

PYRMale PyramidAdded Height: 7.53mm (.3in) Weight: (1.95 oz) 55g - Load rating: 136 kg (300 lbs..

PYR-SL-R-TI Pyramid: Sliding & Rotating (Titanium)

PYR-SL-R-TIPyramid: Sliding & Rotating (Titanium) The PYR-SL-R-TI features a 12.7 mm (1/2..

PYR-TL Top Loaded Male Pyramid

PYR-TLTop Loaded Male PyramidAdded Height: 9.61mm (.38 in) Weight: 59g (2.1 oz) - Load rating: ..

STEALTH360 Rotating Male Pyramid

STEALTH360Rotating Male Pyramid Added Height: 7.53mm (.3in) Weight: 59g (2.1 oz) Lo..

TC30-1/2 30mm Tube Clamp 1/2 in. Adjustable

TC30-1/230mm Tube Clamp 1/2 in. AdjustableAdded Height: 10mm (.4 in) Weight: 119g (4.2 oz) ..