Elevated Vacuum Components

Elevated Vacuum Components


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Elevated Vacuum Lock System

Elevated Vacuum Lock System SKU CHART ITEM PART NUMBER Caucasian EVLS-CAUC ..

EV-ET Elevated Vacuum Lock Extraction Tool

EV-ETElevated Vacuum Lock Extraction ToolElevated Vacuum Lock Extraction Tool..

EV-MAN Manifold with Air Fitting

EV-MANManifold with Air FittingManifold with Air Fitting..

EV-MAN-VLV Manifold with Air Fitting and Valve

EV-MAN-VLVManifold with Air Fitting and ValveThe EV-MAN-VLV provides a combination manifold and valv..

EV-BRKT-TEE-CF Carbon Fiber pump bracket

EV-BRKT-TEE-CFCarbon Fiber pump bracketCarbon Fiber pump bracket..

EV-BRKT-TEE-A Aluminum pump bracket

EV-BRKT-TEE-AAluminum pump bracketAluminum pump bracket..

EV-BRKT-TU30-CF Carbon Fiber pump bracket for 30mm pylon

EV-BRKT-TU30-CF Carbon Fiber pump bracket for 30mm pylonCarbon Fiber pump bracket for 30mm pylo..

EV-BRKT-TU30-A Aluminum pump bracket for 30mm pylon

EV-BRKT-TU30-AAluminum pump bracket for 30mm pylonAluminum pump bracket for 30mm pylon..

AURA Locking Seal

AURA Locking Seal The Aura locking Seal is an Innovative, cost effective solution to meetmost of yo..

EV-GAUGE Vacuum Gauge

EV-GAUGEVacuum Gauge Used for evaluating vacuum level while patient is using Elevated Vacuum Lock..